Welcome to the “Accommodations for disabilities” section of the Student Services page on my.erikson.   If you are a student who has a documented disability or other special circumstance that might impede your access to learning opportunities and success at Erikson, please contact Stripe Gandara, Director of Disability Services to help us understand how we can support you. Below you will find a link to a form for requesting accommodations, and some guidelines about documentation.   If you do not have the documentation specified, and think that you may have evidence to show that you have a documented disability that might impact your access to learning opportunities, then you should contact Stripe to discuss what might be possible. You can also contact Stripe at sgandara@erikson.edu if you have concerns about your overall learning and well-being at Erikson.   If you would like more information about tools for a variety of learning needs please click on the "Learning Tools" tab above.