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Student Resources

Visit Student Services to see a listing of resources, tips and activities for your well being during the pandemic.

Show Your Erikson Pride

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DEIJB Council

The purpose of this council is to guide and hold the institution accountable in the integration of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, anti-racism, and justice into all aspects of the work at Erikson Institute. To that end, the committee is comprised of individuals whose experience and expertise promote a wide range of perspectives in service of further advancing DEIBJ at Erikson Institute.
The members of the DEIBJ council are:

  • Natalie Dowdell, Academic Advisor
  • Lariza Beatriz Fenner-Lux, Developmental, Infant Mental Health Specialist
  • Monique Foster, Sr. Assoc. Director Financial Aid & Enrollment
  • Stripe Gandara, Director of  Academic Support, Advising, and Disability Services
  • Blanca Hernandez, Instruction and Outreach Librarian
  • Hannah Kaare, Logistics Manager
  • Florence Kimondo, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Alyssa Maestre, Asst Director of Field Ed & Career Services
  • David Wilson, Chief Human Resources Director
  • Cassandra Wooden-Seawood, President of Student Committee

To stay connected to the DEIBJ Council’s plans, activities and invitations, please visit our internet page by clicking here

What does Black History Month mean to you?

In honor of Black History Month and Erikson’s ongoing efforts to foster inclusivity and engagement, please enjoy this video compilation of Erikson  colleagues describing In Your Eyes: The Meaning of Black History.”